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28. 02. 2016  20:13:44okay?understand?all is for me..earn. i get exhauseted..
28. 02. 2016  19:24:44fumimisay hi anytime....i wait for you.tama.all mine,earn for me^^
28. 02. 2016  19:24:03fumimiofcourse,the pic is myself...u can believe,ofcourse.cos i have male soul...whose body is a woman.... sooooo rare? truth^^
28. 02. 2016  19:22:43fumimiokeydokey?i can marry....ididnt yet^^
28. 02. 2016  19:22:10fumimimake sense?my prof know..though he didnt know my senrenses like,soooo special..
28. 02. 2016  19:21:06fumimial mine^^earn for fumimi,im a woman as body. but i had male soul by nature maybe special
28. 02. 2016  19:19:36fumimimakw sense?i can have a baby ofcourse,cos im a woman with pure guy soul....this is fumimi..
28. 02. 2016  19:18:38imtired...cos u a******T_T AM I RARE?im female who has like guys sooooooo fast n special brain...i can be pregnant really.
28. 02. 2016  19:16:41tamaro,how many times do i need to say?u jerk!! im a woman whose soul is a yes,guy.i love you.
28. 02. 2016  07:06:50^^Hej. Dobre.
12. 12. 2015  01:48:08ShantelThe voice of ranotiality! Good to hear from you.
29. 04. 2014  15:10:02BombaySerynn - Hi Brandon, please frwarod me your rate card. I'm looking at ROM photography (maybeeeee 3 hours?), and AD photography (please quote for half-day and full-day). Thanks!
29. 04. 2014  13:02:09ZemirahWOW, Jen! They're awesome. What a neat story, too! I love the first one and that last one deinlfteiy has an it factor whatever IT is! Beautiful work. They're a lucky couple to have such a talented friend!

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Exposure time
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Focal length
45 mm
Focal length (on 35mm film)
N/A mm
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